10 Juicy Ante-Post Returns


You will remember in an earlier edition of our newsletter we pointed out that our service was only making around 18% ROI and our results showed an initial plethora of losing bets.

We expected this rough ride and explained that it would be a totally different story as the football season nears to an end in the months of April and May.

Thankfully this trend followed exactly as we had hoped and in the last six weeks members have already benefited from 10 juicy ante-post returns:

• Dunfermline to win Scottish League 1 – Net profit 30 points
• Northampton to win English League 2 – Net profit 20 points
• Crystal Palace to win FA Cup – By reaching the final we already have a minimum return of 39 points
• Wigan to be promoted in English League 1 – Net profit 16.67 points
• Leicester to win Premier League – Net profit 16.08 points
• Atletico Madrid to win Champions League – By reaching the final we already have a minimum return of 20 points
• Sevilla to win Europa League – By reaching the final we already have a minimum return of 24 points
• Grimsby to be promoted in National League – Net profit 11 points
• Saracens to win Aviva Premiership Regular Season – Net profit 18 points
• Saracens to win European Champions Cup – Net profit 20 points.

We are currently showing an ROI of 43.6% on our completed bets this season and this can increase significantly if one or more of our remaining teams win their cup final – so still plenty of action to look forward to starting with Sevilla tomorrow evening.

We would like to thank you for your patience and continued support on our service and hope you have enjoyed this season as much as we have.

Long-term members who have been with us since 2014 would have benefited from two exceptional seasons and no doubt will be looking forward to the third which will start very shortly.

Our focus now turns to Euro2016 and the outright markets that pop up for next seasons football and we assure you that the upcoming months will be extremely busy with plenty of action coming up on our services.