is the trading name of Sports Outcome Probabilities Ltd set up in 1998 to provide opinions sports betting advice and odds compiling for a major bookmaker.

In 2000 having run a successful free sports tipping service under the name of Viper on a basic website we had a web designer create the Winonsports website as a sports betting subscription advice service to the public which became part of Sports Outcome Probabilities Limited.

The Professional Sports Investor

Tony Ansell is a former chartered accountant who ran his own practice for 28 years and due to his sports betting success has retired to concentrate full time on betting and to provide sports betting advice to both punters and bookmakers.

Tony puts his betting success down to the following factors:

Meticulous research - including watching over 30 hours of televised sport per week.

Interpretation - an unbiased assessment of what he sees such as body language and reaction under pressure enables him to identify those who can win when the chips are down and those who will inevitably choke.

Judgement - odds compiling skills that enable him to price markets accurately to 100% books with which he can then compare the odds on offer from the bookmakers. Value - knowing the right time to strike and the best odds on offer for maximum value.

But most of all: Not trying to back winners - but winning through value betting.

The Concept of Value Betting

You should never try to back winners but every bet you have should be at odds significantly greater than the true odds.

You will never know where the next winner is coming from but the more bets you have over an extended period the more you will win. The best way to illustrate this is to imagine that you are going to bet on 100tosses of a coin. The odds on offer are 10/11 (11 to 10 on).

You may win the first bet or even first 5 bets but it is certain that after 100 tosses you will be losing about 4.55% of your total stakes.

This is because the true odds are even money. Had you been offered 11/10 against and had the same bets you would be winning about 5% of your total stakes. In the first instance you took bad value and in the second instance you took good value. It didn't matter about individual wins and losses because in the long run the result would inevitably be determined by the odds you took.

The average punter in a betting shop loses 22% of his total stakes. This is what I term "fruit machine betting" where the punter is looking to back winners with no regard for value and no knowledge of what the true odds about his bets should be. He might as well play a fruit machine with a 78% payout because the result would be similar over a period.

At Winonsports all of our bets will be value bets and we will be looking to make a long-term return on investment on ante-post and daily bets of in excess of 20% on stakes.