Our Ante Post Betting Service


There is a well known tipping service who provide bets on football and many other sports who ask £50 per month for football alone. After staking around £200,000 they are advertising a net profit of £4788, an R.O.I. of 2.379%. Since 2013 on every bet on every sport they are showing an R.O.I. of 2.48%.

They then post unsolicited testimonials from clients stating what geniuses they are for making such an amazingly miniscule profit. These are no doubt good people but their results speak for themselves.

For as long as Tony Ansell can remember he has made substantial yearly profits on ante post betting and the rate of R.O.I. has increased over the years to the current level. We rarely bother on the WinOnSports service giving detailed explanations of the value bets we have identified as we have been told many times that all a member wants to know above all is on what we have been placing our money and how they can have the same bets at similar prices immediately.

Since our ante post betting service started in March 2014 we have produced the results below. These results put all other pretenders and vastly inferior services to shame.

For Season 1 our final results are as follows: (details of every bet is available on our website)

Number of bets: 106
Total Stakes: 521.08 points
Total Returns: 819.67 points
Net Profit: 298.59 points (£7464.75 at £25 per point)
R.O.I: 57.30%

For Season 2 on completed bets to date:

Number of completed bets: 42
Total Stakes: 190.8 points
Total Returns: 273.88 points
Net Profit: 83.08 points (£2077 at £25 per point)
R.O.I: 43.54%

There are currently 37 running bets which at 90% of 100% book valuation show an R.O.I. of 28.10%.

These results are well above expectations and we, and I am sure you, would be extremely satisfied with a long term R.O.I. of 25% which I am confident we will achieve.

As consultants to a major bookmaker and odds complier on Soccer and Motor Racing we trawl through the ante post markets on most sports on a daily basis. We discovered long ago that this is the bookmakers’ biggest area of weakness as turnover is not significant enough compared with events taking place on each day for them to concentrate sufficient resources into reviewing their prices on thousands of running ante post markets.

We can take advantage of this weakness and nearly always have the “wrong” prices available with an array of bookmakers to put up for members on our unique token based service where you only spend money where you wish to bet.

Since 1968 Tony has been the scourge of bookmakers on athletics betting and by 1972 was dubbed “Mr Athletics” by William Hills. He provided consultancy to Victor Chandler for the 2000 Olympic Games Athletics and 2001 World Athletics Championships and received 30% of that firm’s net profit – in each case, very substantial sums.

In 2012 he provided 100% books for every men’s and women’s athletic event at the Olympic Games to Ladbrokes and revisions every round for a highly significant fee.

We provided one-off athletics betting services for major championships on www.winonsports.com since 2000 and last year on this ante post service we incorporated Athletics bets for our members. The R.O.I. for the 2015 World Championships, where full details appear on this website, showed an R.O.I. of 69.51%.

We will be featuring the 2016 Olympic Games Athletics for members and I urge everyone not to miss it.

The feedback from members since the new service started has been universally positive and, quite frankly, humbling. We much appreciate knowing how happy members are with our efforts and we are aware that whilst we are currently the best in the business we will have to continue to work hard and smart to remain worthy of members expectations and stay at the top of the league.

The reason that Tony runs this service, which only provides a tiny percentage of his yearly income, is because he says that there is no pleasure in winning unless other people are winnings alongside you and can enjoy the sheer pleasure of taking substantial money off the bookmakers. This is particularly so for people who have been losers and dubbed “mug punters” by greedy bookmakers who loved taking their money. He says it is one thing having a reputation for being a successful gambler but it is vastly more satisfying having an “army” of people who also benefit from one’s expertise and judgement and improve their own financial positions substantially.

We believe our service is exceptional value for money and you can purchase tokens as follows:

1 for £9
5 for £39
10 for £69
30 for £179

Every ante post bet currently uses one token and we have times when two weeks or more will go by without a suitable bet to put up and other times there may be at least 6 great value bets in a matter of days. We indicate the sport for each bet before you use a token so that you can choose if you wish to take the bet. If you go on holiday or are unable to bet for a period your tokens remain available for future use unlike a subscription service that expires and requires you to spend more money to resume taking the service.

Anyone who has a query on our service can e-mail us at: enquiries@winonsports.com