Ante-Post Cheltenham Festival Bets and Weekend Football Service


First of all, we would like to thank you for your feedback regarding the daily Horse Racing Service.

Though the service has technically started, it kind of hasn’t, because we have not found any decent bets to put up. We are just as eager to kick it off as you are but we must be patient. In the meantime, we have found a few Ante-Post Cheltenham Festival bets and these have gone down a treat with you. Clearly people enjoy Horse Racing just as much as we do.

Now as mentioned above – in our last newsletter we had asked members for feedback regarding the daily Horse Racing service. What was interesting is that a number of you also enquired whether or not we are planning to relaunch the Football Betting Service.

Even though we only ran the service for a few weeks previously, clearly some members really enjoyed it. We found it stressful running this service as at times it interfered with our own football bets and we found it difficult to post up at a set time each week. We bet Asian Handicaps on a lot of our selections and unfortunately the firms price up the Scottish Football only very late in the week.

We have had a very long and careful thought about your feedback and have decided to re-launch the service, possibly even this week. We will post up by 3pm on Friday afternoon and will charge 1 or 2 tokens depending on the number of selections we put up. This will of course be shown on each posting and on the e-mail alert we send out.

All bets will be advised in fixed odds 1X2 betting. However, beside each bet we will show the exact conversion for the “Asian Handicap” for those members who are able to obtain them. This will give you the choice to use our information in whichever way you wish to.

Members should be aware that the ROI on this service will be very much lower than that of the Ante-Post service. However, in the long-term we are confident we will produce a much healthier return than other services out there who give out a plethora of bad value odds-on favourites.

This service will be kept separate from our main ante-post service and the P&L will be shown on our website just as soon as our web developer gets a chance.

The good thing about the way our website is set up is that people who wish to follow the service can do so and those who do not can simply ignore it, and at no cost at all, unlike subscription based services.