Ante-Post Cup Selections


Our last edition of the newsletter mentioned all the disappointing bets that affected the service. Thankfully, in the last 3 days a lot has happened – and all good stuff!

Thursday evening was pleasing with Dortmund setting themselves up nicely against a win over Tottenham in the Europa League. They have now shortened considerably to a best price of 2/1. Though Sevilla did not win away to Basel they have also decreased in price and both teams are looking very solid in the competition.

Friday evening was extremely pleasing with Crystal Palace winning over Reading and giving us our first semi-finalist in the FA Cup.

Saturday afternoon was an absolute cracker with Everton eliminating Chelsea and going through as our second semi-finalist in the cup.

After those two results we hoped that Watford and West Ham would do the business and cannot complain with how that went down. Getting rid of Arsenal in the Cup was delightful because we know how dangerous they are in this competition. It’s just a pity West Ham couldn’t hold on to their lead.

Overall, we are happy with how this competition is shaping up and no doubt everyone will be watching the One Show tonight!

With all that happening we were thrilled with England’s performance in the Six Nations. The 8 point bet at 2/1 gives us a nice little return and keeps the betting bank rolling.

Finally, our focus now turns purely on to the Cheltenham Festival and Cricket T20 World Cup.

We initially stated that all daily bets will all be posted at 11:30am but in order that none of you miss prices which look under pressure we may have to post some individual bets earlier.