Cricket Bets Update


It’s been extremely quiet on the ante-post front recently. We have not had any bets ourselves and it goes without saying that we will not advise half chances or weak bets on the service.

This is where the tokens based service makes it viable to clients as the quiet periods do not cost you a penny.

Those of you who followed the Cricket bets given on the Pakistan v England series will be just as relieved as we are after the end of the 2nd test match.

What started off as a disaster now looks a lot more promising. Pakistan are looking good to win the series and are best priced 3/10.

Adil Rashid is joint England wicket taker along with Anderson so has a fair chance to overtake in the final test match.

We were hoping Joe Root can do the business for us once again but Alastair Cook, who was our saver bet, has probably put an end to that! However, we should be getting a return from that market.

Finally, our bet on Younis Khan looked dead in the water after the 1st innings in the opening test but he has clawed back a hell of a lot of runs and gives us a glimmer of winning in the final match.

Overall, we are satisfied with the way these bets are going so far.

Our Weekend Football Service is not going as well as we had hoped. The portfolio we gave in the first week resulted in positive feedback as most clients reported a slight profit on their bets.

However, last weekend was not so good and ended up producing a loss of 5.5 points. We will continue to put up our selections for the time being and those of you who are interested in following that service can still do so. Tony made a substantial loss himself so punters were not alone. Undeterred, we live to fight another day.

The one positive front on the football front is Everton. They have clawed their way into the quarter finals in the League Cup and have drawn away to Middlesbrough. Not exactly ideal, however, still gives us a fighting chance and they are now best priced 9/1.

Finally, season 1 clients will be happy with the resurgence of Jenson Button. For a long time it looked like Alonso would get the better of him in our season match bet and we recently valued it at just 1 point but have now increased it to 15 points. This provides us with a thrilling end to the season and we hope he finishes off even stronger in the remaining races.