Easy Scottish League Winner


For the first time in our newsletter we do not know whether we are celebrating or drowning our sorrows! Our ante-post service has been performing really well – but that has been dampened by our daily betting service results.

The daily football service was ticking along and just when we got our noses in front we were drawn back again into a negative. That service is currently showing a -1.6 point loss based on total stakes of 62 points.

The daily horse racing service is even more disappointing – based on total stakes of 35 points we are showing an overall loss of 29 points. The majority of this loss is down to the Cheltenham Festival daily bets as all the winning bets on this event were made on the ante-post service.

However, we have had a lot to celebrate as England won the Six Nations bringing in a net profit of 16 points.

Jorge Lorenzo won the Qatar Moto GP to produce a healthy profit of 13.75 points. We have to thank Ladbrokes for this because they kept the price on this market for a considerable amount of time and took decent size bets too.

The icing on the cake definitely belongs to Dunfermline after their easy league win. Corals have already paid out on the net and in their shops so clients should make sure they get their 30 point winnings as soon as possible.

As the Football season draws near the end we are hoping for a few more returns. Last season we hit Inverness in the Scottish FA Cup which produced a net profit of 78 points in one go. Can we achieve a big pay out with Everton or Crystal Palace in the FA Cup this year? We will certainly be crossing our fingers.