Euro 2016 Special Edition – Asian Handicaps


In just over a week Euro 2016 will be underway. We intend to put out bets on any match where we believe there is value. These will be bets on the 1X2 market or Asian Handicap market.

On the Asian Handicap market we are more likely to get involved on +0.25, +0.75 or +1 handicaps as these are normally where you get the best value on the outsider.

A plus +0.5 handicap is the same as laying the favourite on, or or backing both the draw and the outsider combined to proportional stakes which will return the same amount in either case. It will be obvious which of these alternatives will give us the best price.

We are aware that Asian Handicaps are no longer available to UK clients with Pinnaclesports, Sbobet, Ibcbet and Singbet however, Betfair and Matchbook should have massive volume bid and offer prices on these handicaps at better prices than the four firms mentioned previously. In addition Asian Handicaps will be available with Betvictor and other UK firms although the prices may not be satisfactory for us.

We understand that some of you may not be fully cognisant with the Asian Handicap market and how it works so we have e-mailed you all of the details that you will require to understand exactly what happens to any Asian Handicap bet based on the result of the match. Please print this out so that you can refer to it when required.

We will of course monitor outright prices, group winner prices, group to qualify prices and group to finish last prices and will recommend any good bets that are available.

All Asian Handicap bets will be available at ONE token and results will be included in the season 3 P&L.