How we determine the strenght of each selection


Since our last newsletter many clients have asked us if we would explain how we determine the strength of each selection we put up so we thought without giving up too many clues we would make this the focal point in this edition!

Ante-Post betting has always been the most profitable area for Tony and he has capitalised on the bookmakers mistakes each year. Tony studies the betting markets carefully and watches many hours of sport each week which enables him to come up with excellent value picks of his own.

Additionally, Tony spends endless hours each day trawling the bookmakers websites looking meticulously at their ante-post markets. By this stage he has already priced up each market to a 100% book and compares that to the prices available, which enables him to easily spot the bookmakers mistakes.

Once we have found a bet and compared it to our own 100% book price we can determine how much value there is in a selection. We then search for the biggest prices available and place our own bets based on that.

This information is then translated onto our website and we advise clients on how many points to have.

We have always worked on a simple policy – The bigger the value, the bigger the bet we have.

We conclude this edition by stating it was sheer pain watching the Capital One Cup draw last week. Everton against Man City – OUCH! We were praying for Stoke but would have happily settled for Liverpool.

Those of you who backed our NFL selections should collect their winnings on Carolina to win their division. The bet on Cincinnati is looking extremely promising but we have to wait a little bit longer to cash in on them.

Our current running portfolio is looking very exciting and in order to maximise profits we urge you to follow every bet.

Finally, we have produced a new blog on our website for you to read when you get a spare moment.