Important Changes to our Service


This edition of the newsletter will focus on some of the changes we have made to our service.

Due to popular demand we have introduced a new payment button – 50 tokens for £149. Some clients felt that there was too much of a gap between the 30 token bundle and the 100 token bundle so we have rectified that with our latest button.

We are certain it was a good introduction to the service because it has now become one of our most popular packages.

Now as you know each time we put out a bet you all receive an email with gives you around 30 minutes notice. Then as soon as the bet is posted you receive another e-mail stating the obvious – that the bets have now been posted.

We have been notified on several occasions that once the bet has been posted the e-mail we send is a waste as people already know. Therefore, from now on this e-mail will not be sent. We all receive enough unwanted e-mails and we do not want to clog up your inbox for no reason.

At Winonsports we aim to provide superb customer service, in treating every client fairly, in resolving any problems quickly and to the satisfaction of the client. We never favour one client above another whether they have spent £25 or £250 and hope you are happy with our professionalism, honesty and integrity and the superb results that we have produced since the service started and will become a long term member enjoying pleasure and profit.