New Winonsports Twitter Page


We have now started a new Twitter page @WinonsportsC which will solely be focusing on sports betting.

The purpose of this page is to give our members information on some of the bets that we have put up on the service and at times Tony may even give in-running advice on certain positions we hold.

Tonight we have a Champions League match between Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, both teams we have backed outright to win the competition. If Atletico Madrid score first then we will most likely trade the match to take something out of them in case Barcelona end up winning the match. If this is the case then all betting advice will appear on this account from now on. We strongly advise you to follow the account and keep up to date with all updates.

Those of you who are on Twitter would have seen Tony’s message regarding the Olympic Games 2016 Athletics. We are planning to charge three tokens per bet and were wondering how many of you would be interested in taking up these bets.

Kindly let us know if you are very likely to take these bets.

Finally, we have updated our website results this afternoon and they are available on the usual page. The valuation on our running bets was previously at 18.55% R.O.I. but is now showing at 34.82%. The reason for this is because many bets are continuing to shorten in price as they progress in cups or get closer to a league win or promotion.