Our highest ever R.O.I on the service so far


We hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all a very happy new year.

During the festive season our office was open however the website had not been updated for quite some time. We have finally caught up with the admin and we are pleased to announce that we have reached our highest ever R.O.I. on the service so far.

We are thrilled to show an R.O.I. of 63.73% on the season so far especially when some of the recent bets we have given on the service have not progressed as we would have wished. We are currently showing a Net Profit of 154.38 points so far in season 2 which only started eight months ago in May 2015.

Please find below a summary of the profit a typical client would have made at different levels of staking. Someone who paid the highest price (55 bets at £5 each) would have spent only £275 on tokens. Someone who paid the lowest price 55 bets at £2.50 each) would have only spent £137.50 on tokens and achieved the following:

Staking £10 per point – £1543.80 profit
Staking £20 per point – £3087.60 profit
Staking £50 per point – £7719 profit
Staking £100 per point – £15438 profit

We were extremely happy to see Phil Taylor and MVG getting knocked out of the PDC World Championships so early but knew Gary Anderson still had a tough task and thankfully even after lay-offs still made a decent profit.

We decided not to advise a lay-off on Minnesota winning their group and that turned out well as they edged out Green Bay.

We overlooked the group bets we gave on the Champions League and Europa League football and had a pleasant surprise when we looked up the results!

All of the details to these bets can be found on our “Full Results” page on our website along with the losing bets:


Finally, we would like to inform you that for the first time since starting our ante-post service we have now increased our prices for the token packages. Since we launched this service in March 2014 our prices have been incredibly low and compared to all other tipping services, none of which are in our league, our new prices are still very competitive. Also unlike other services we do not offer Affiliate schemes and try to profit substantially out of our punters losses. Nor do we advertise bookmakers banners on our website and entice punters to have unnecessary bets on bookmakers favourites like correct scores or exact number of corners in a match.

These are the minimum prices we can justify for the quality of bets, effort that goes into identifying the bets that we put up and customer service provided. We are most grateful that of over 200 e-mails received from members they have been overwhelmingly positive.

We hope you understand our reasons behind the increase and continue to follow and profit out of our service.